Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Manage your email

Here are some links for managing email (both those you have and those you send)

For those of you who sometimes have problems managing email, it can seem like you spend more time doing less work. Below are a number of resources for various aspects of managing email, from getting your own inbox under control, to making sure other people respond to you emails.
My own system involves:
  • Mozilla Thunderbird as the email program,
    • three filters:
      • One to gray out anything not addressed to me
      • Two to send email from two distribution lists (Teachers of Psychology, Tomorrow's Professor) immediately into their own folder (I can catch up once a week)
  • When I send a message, it is bcc'ed to my gmail account, so I have an easily searchable archive of what I have sent.
  • UVA's greylisting service

Two guides for getting your inbox under control:


Email overload (lots of information about handling email)

like: how to keep track of overdue responses:

"Googling" your emails

Color code messages that are addressed to you
For thunderbird
For outlook

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